The Maker’s Market at Atlantic Station
Vendor Rules, Regulations, and Procedures
  1. A paid fee for the Market gives the vendor a 10ft.x10ft. space at a location of the Organizer's choosing (though corner upgrades do ensure a corner space). Spaces may be pre-assigned or assigned the day of the market. The space may be anywhere on Atlantic Station premises at Organizer's discretion, though will generally be on District Avenue unless noted otherwise, or in the event of space conflicts with other events. 
  2. Vendor must remain open for business for all posted market hours (these will be sent with the load in details for each market) and generally run 10-9pm on Saturday and Noon-7pm on Sunday (may change) – Vendor is prohibited from closing early unless pre-authorized by the Organizer. Vendor agrees they will not close early or leave tent unattended (except for quick necessities).
  3. The vendor is responsible to provide and prepare their own tent(s) and display(s). Vendors may not set up without a tent unless pre-approved to do so by the organizer. All tents must be only WHITE canopied and weighted (at least 35 lbs of weight per side = 140 lbs of weight minimum - markets will have wind and we will enforce this rule strictly for market safety). Failure to comply with this requirement can result in vendor being denied the right to set up or asked to pack up and leave. No REFUND would be due to vendor in this event. Where available, and only if available, Vendor may be allowed to rent a white top tent and/or weights from the organizer(s), and many do rent these items so arrange ahead.
  4. **Vendor must have tablecloths or coverings that cover their tables or display(s) to within 2 inches of the ground along the full breadth of all sides. Nothing should be visible under your table or display from any side of the tent.**
  5. Masks are mandatory - for the safety of all, vendor's must wear masks when interacting with any patrons, customers, managers, or staff at Atlantic Station, and have masks immediately on their person or close by, it is not required to wear masks when no patrons, customers, managers, or staff are in the vicinity of vendors booth.
  6. Hand sanitizer is also required to be present in or attached to the tent at each vendors booth (please bring hand sanitizer or communicate with us if you are having trouble acquiring it and we may be able to assist) and we request vendors to make/display signs asking patrons to sanitize hands before touching products or displays and to observe social distancing.
  7. Social distancing rules, laws, and guidelines apply to our market, let's all help to ensure these guidelines are followed by patrons, and be role models ourselves in this regard, accordingly there will be limits on number of active shoppers at each booth (which may vary depending on the setup of the booth) to ensure social distancing can be adhered to. Note cohabitating individuals and families are exceptions to the rule as it applies to their interactions among themselves).
  8. Vendors or their workers, associates, family, or anyone... may not attend and participate in the market if any of the following have occured: they have developed symptoms potentially indicative of COVID-19, or have been exposed within the last 14 days to someone with a case of COVID-19. In the event they have previously had COVID-19 or currently do a vendor must wait at least 14 days after all symptoms have abated before returning to the market or had 2 negative tests for the virus at least 48hrs apart. We will be very lenient in issuing refunds and honoring cancellations for vendors complying with this rule.
  9. While not an absolute requirement for every vendor it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that Vendor bring appropriate white sidewalls for their tent, both to protect merchandise from inclement weather and for product safety overnight. The Organizers, Owners, and Managers of this market assume no liability for products damaged or stolen from overnight stay or weather. No Tarps, Sheets, or other wrappings or coverings may be used in place of appropriate sidewalls without the approval of the Organizer (sometimes we rent sidewalls - they are a separate item from a basic tent rental). 
  10. Every setup must have a clean and tidy appearance - No boxes, containers, trash, extra stock, unnecessary, or ancillary items of any sort are permitted to be visible after set-up time and official market open, all such items must be placed under properly skirted/covered tables or displays or removed to your vehicle or offsite.
  11. Vendor agrees to abide by the Atlantic Station code of conduct, available to be viewed at:
  12. Load In occurs in a short time window about 120-90 minutes before market opens: RECOMMENDED Vendor bring a hand truck/ dolly to get items to their space. Market is usually located in or around District Avenue. After you check in, quickly unload your art/products and displays and move your vehicle to underground parking.
  13. Late Arrivals for Load In may have lost their reserved space, if Vendor arrives beyond the specified Load In Time they may not be able to pull vehicle into the Market area and may have to carry their set up from a distance or up the steps from the parking garage - No Refunds will be given for late arrivals who are unable to set up in time for market open.  
  14. After a vendor checks in they will have 15mins to unload their vehicle (NOT SET UP). After unloading and BEFORE SET UP vendor vehicles must be moved to designated parking. Vehicles will not be permitted to remain in or around District Avenue once unloading is complete.
  15. Parking will be provided for one vehicle. Once you have checked in and unloaded items to your space immediately proceed to underground parking, entrances can be found in many places including at the rear of the property behind Regal Cinemas. Take a normal ticket when entering parking deck and you will get a voucher later.
  16. The Market is a rain or shine event. In rare cases with continual rain or known potentially dangerous conditions the Organizer may call off the markets and issue rain checks (ONLY to those Vendors present on site). No Refunds/Rain Checks will be given to no shows.
  17. Refunds will only be issued if cancellation notice is sent to at least 72 hours before check-in time.
  18. Application fees are non-refundable. 
  19. Artistic works or any vendor product or display may NOT contain any profanity or nudity (except in certain tasteful artistic cases), nor any ethnic or religious slurs, nor any vulgar material or subject matter subject to the discretion of the market organizer or Atlantic Station Management (if you have a question about a certain piece of art or item - kindly ask).
  20. Weapons, knives, swords and the like or any item deemed dangerous by market organizer or Atlantic Station management may not be sold or displayed. No open flames or lit candles.
  21. Liability Insurance is required and is the responsibility of the Vendor. Earth and Sky Creations LLC its agents or representatives and Atlantic Station and all its owners, partners, managers, operators, employees, or contractors, are not responsible for any injury, damage, or loss that may occur to the Vendor, the Vendor's agents, employees, clients, customers or representatives or vendor’s property from any cause whatsoever. Vendors are required to have or obtain insurance at their own expense for any loss, damage, or injury that may occur at the Market including liability for the same to others, patrons, customers, or clients. 
  22. Vendors are responsible for obtaining any required licenses, permits or approvals from the state, county or city as per laws applicable to their activity at the Market and for paying any taxes (inclusive of sales tax) or fees or other charges that may be due or applicable.
  23. Sharing of booths amongst multiple businesses or Vendors is not allowed.
  24. No Smoking anywhere at Atlantic Station (except designated areas and garages)
  25. No loitering inside nearby restaurants or businesses unless you are buying something or actively shopping at that business.
  26. No Power Generators allowed* - Power is available - Vendors must supply their own extension cords as needed as well as their own lights (50 ft outdoor cord or more)
  27. NOISE: Vendors may not operate or use any machines or devices which make excessive noise (no loud fans, boomboxes, etc). Likewise vendors will not cause any form of disturbance or otherwise make loud noise unnecessarily. 
  28. Maker's or their workers or representatives are not permitted to walk around and solicit customers beyond arm's reach of their booth or poach other makers customers by trying to divert them to their booth.
  29. TRASH Each Vendor is responsible for removing their own trash. Make sure your area is clean with no trash at all left behind.
  30. Load Out will happen 15 minutes after markets close - so there is no reason to pack up early. No vehicles will be allowed in to Market area until that time. Vendor must have all items, displays, and tents packed up neatly and ready for loading BEFORE going to retrieve their vehicleVendors are expected to stay open until official Market close.
  31. NOTE On Photos/Video: The Organizer and Managers reserve the right to use for promotion of the market any photos or video taken at the market, inclusive of photos or video of vendor or vendor's workers, employees, products, displays etc. By agreeing to be part of the market you agree that we may use all such photos or video as mentioned for promotion of the market in any way we deem fit.
  32. Market Organizers or Managers may update, add to, or modify these rules at any time with notice sent to the email on record for vendor.
  33. The Market Organizer, Earth and Sky Creations LLC, reserves the right to remove any vendor for breach of this agreement. The Market Organizer may require the Vendor to pack up and leave the market premises at any time if any rules and/or regulations or procedures, stated herein, have been breached by the vendor. No Refund will be due to the vendor in such an event.
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