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Rain Check - Any Full Weekend

This Rain Check Voucher Discount Weekend Option may only be purchased by a maker/vendor who has a  raincheck voucher from a previous market day they have not yet applied. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A RAINCHECK VOUCHER TO USE. Purchasing will automatically apply and use your rain check voucher and we will update our system. Note if you have two rain check vouchers there is no need to purchase anything just let us know what weekend you would like and we will apply your vouchers to it.

By purchasing it gives you a 10x10 space for any available weekend, but you must let us know which weekend you want it applied to when you order.
By Purchasing you hereby acknowledge having read the rules and regulations page of this site and agree to abide by and be subject to those rules and regulations. No refunds will be given if rules are not abided by.

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NOTE: Items are not refundable
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